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It would definitely be a good way to cut costs but your puppy may not be getting what he or she needs.Would you sacrifice your puppy’s future health by giving him less than optimal types of dog food?When, Why, and How to Start Feeding Your Pup Grown-up Nutrition As your puppy grows into an adult dog, he needs nutrition that keeps his body as strong as your love, and that means a high-quality, premium adult formula such as IAMS™ Pro Active Health™ Adult Mini Chunks The Benefits of Feeding Premium Food Why move your grown-up pup to a premium adult dog food? It's crucial to continue his superb puppy nutrition into adulthood.Downgrading to a lower-quality brand at this stage of his life may upset his digestive system, and won't provide him with the same level of nutritional excellence he was raised on. When it's time to start giving him solid food, you wouldn't dream of feeding your child anything less than the best nutrition you can buy. He needs the best age-appropriate food there is to help maintain his overall health.

Their bodies need all the nutrients that they can get to develop tissues, organs, muscles, and bones in order to reach their adult size.Welcome to Condor Cam, the first webcams to stream live video of wild condors!For your best chance of seeing condors on the cams, check back periodically.Premium foods, such as IAMS, are specifically designed to provide your dog with a food that has: Founded on more than 60 years of research into canine nutrition, premium formulas from IAMS help maintain your dog's health and provide him with the nutrition he needs for a long life.Basic brands may not provide these benefits or match the level of expertise that goes into every bag of dog food from IAMS.

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