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He even opted to not drink at all during the show so that he wouldn’t slip.Andy also had breakaway bottles on hand, telling James that co-guest Bridget Everett will break one over his head every time he swears.But know this: The mental wellness discipline, loosely defined as actively practicing “acute awareness of the present moment”—whether you’re stuck in your cubicle, chilling at the beach, or plowing through a complex project—isn’t just good for your brain, it’s also great for your muscles.A study in the recently found that athletes who practice mindful meditation techniques are far more motivated to exercise regularly and more satisfied with their workouts than less-mindful dudes.The good news is, it’s not all hangovers and empty caloric intake; there’s plenty of science behind the health benefits of alcohol.

Does James think it was appropriate for his mom to wish Kristen to be barren?

If you must go with the hard stuff, opt for vodka or gin on the rocks.

Mixers are often packed with extra sugar and calories sure to deflate your hard earned six-pack, so skip the frilly trimmings and sip it straight.

Although similar in caloric content, dark liquors have higher concentrations of congeners, toxic compounds formed during fermentation that are responsible for your hangover.

Keep it light if you care about your waistline and your ability to hit the gym in the morning.

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Born in Hawaii in 1990, Bethany Hamilton began competitive surfing at age 8.

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