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The site gained national attention with Super Bowl ads and a sock puppet spokesman who appeared on Good Morning America and Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.

But the hype didn’t lead to customers and quickly found itself on the same business Titanic as Webvan.

The following is a list of fifteen biggest defunct websites.

Others may not be who they say they are, and you want to protect your privacy.

Free webcam dating sites can give you that opportunity.

The advantages include the following: You can access various free webcam dating sites to get started. Before you join one of these sites, however, make sure you read that site's terms and conditions.

For support groups, the means being able to face their problems, dilemmas and sufferings with other real people that are going through the exact same thing or have lived through such harsh times in the past.

For sports enthusiasts, the means connecting with other fans and debating in real time over which players in the league deserve to be placed in the hall of fame or even discuss salary caps.

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