College student dating ideas

Then follow it up with a round of coffee and doughnuts at a nice café or if your resources permit, maybe even dinner at a quiet place.

College sporting events If you and your partner are sports fans, take advantage of the active sporting culture on your campus.

On top of that, most of your money is probably going to tuition, books and meal plans.

You didn’t really plan dating into your college budget.

However, there is actually something a little bit boring in my mind when I do the same things, hear the same song even when dancing with a brand new dating partner.

The venue may not be as fancy or the décor as stylish as an actual movie theater like the Regal or AMC but when you think about it, it’s actually the same movie that viewers in both places will be taking back with them.

So grab a tub of popcorn and head for the campus auditorium or open-air theater for your movie date.

Either way, remember to take advantage of the resources you have on campus.

Many places, such as theaters and restaurants, offer student discounts when you show your student ID.

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