Counseling for dating

Dating seems to be something that people cringe about more often than not, but why?Do you want to be in a relationship, but find yourself attracting the same people, experiencing the same let downs, and struggling to keep your own identity?This experiential class will be a series of encounters.After a set of relational warm-ups, you’ll have a chance to practice each of the principles of deep dating.We'll address what you're looking for in a relationship, and what seems to be getting in the way.

At least one member of the couple must be a full-time BYU student in order to use these services.

Our Christian Counselors use a lens of hope, faith and love to help you examine your personal relationship.

We work with you to understand where you are holding back and walk beside you as you let go of the fear that prevents you from getting closer to God and others.

CAPS also provides a premarital workshop for engaged and newlywed couples.

The workshop covers topics such as healthy communication, sexuality, and increasing unity.

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You may be struggling with issues like trust, fidelity, and honesty.

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