Dating fabrics a color guide 2 1950 2016 Asain web chat no login

This Singer 66 model was one of 50,000 such machines produced from 1910 to 1920.

While the item is not rare, Mike Wolfe of notes it is desired by collectors for its ornate "Red-Eye" decal pattern.

Quality antique stoves with restoration potential command up to ,500 (fully updated examples, converted to gas or electric, can bring as much as ,000).

It is not an authoritative interpretation of the Regulations, which is a matter for the courts.

The Regulations like most legislation is difficult to fully understand consequently two guides have been published to assist the lay person to understand the regulations more fully.

The Regulations are enforced by the Trading Standards Department.

If you need advice, clarification or additional information contact them by using their website, telephone or go personally to the local office which will be a department of your local Council.

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