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Avec Marion Nielsen et Nabil Hamdouni, il remporte l’appel d’offre de renouvellement des espaces d’accueil du Théâtre National de la Colline (livraison rentrée 2011).Depuis 2007, il est le scénographe de la Compagnie du Veilleur (direction artistique Matthieu Roy) et conçoit les décors de L’amour conjugal d’après Alberto Moravia, d’Histoire d’Amour (derniers chapitres) de Jean-Luc Lagarce, de Peer Gynt de Henrik Ibsen, du diptyque Notre Pain Quotidien de Gesine Danckwart / Le Moche de Marius von Mayenburg, de La Conférence, Qui a peur du Loup ?

Men cannot get a better guide in relationships than Doc Love.Rogers and Leykis became rivals and, in June 1984, just after Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg was assassinated, Leykis told listeners Neil Rogers' real name and urged callers to harass his on-air rival.In 1987, Leykis abruptly left KFYI because of differences with station management that still has a shroud of secrecy surrounding the details.First off, if your email address has changed since you subscribed, don't panic!If you are still able to receive mail at your old email address, you can still unsubscribe without having to wait for someone to do it manually!

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