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Ph D in Applied Sciences for the Protection of the Environment and of Cultural Heritage, Department of Earth Sciences, Sapienza-University of Rome, Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome, Italy E-mail: [email protected]: 39-064454729 Tel: 39-0649914155 A multi-analytical approach has been applied to characterize Khirbet Kerak Ware from the archaeological site of Khirbet al-Batrawy (Jordan), a highly distinctive pottery production of Early Bronze III Levant.Sherds of Khirbet Kerak Ware vessels, dating back to 2750–2500 B.Photo 1: Many people consider Grand Canyon National Park the world’s premiere geologic landscape and a “geologic wonder”.This dating method is also known as Archaeological Dating or Historical Chronology. These methods were relied on especially prior to the introduction of scientific methods of dating.

All these pottery productions reveal similar mineralogical composition, compatible with a local sourcing of the raw materials; moreover, the identification of a specific mineral assemblage allows to estimate a firing temperature ranging from 850 °C to 900 °C.C., show peculiar shapes and a highly polished red/black coating, alien to other Levantine ceramic traditions.Micro-Raman, infrared spectroscopic and petrographic data have been obtained with the aim of defining the fabric, tracing the origin of the raw material used in the manufacturing process and exploring the technological aspects.The 400-odd footprints, which cover an area the size of a tennis court, were imprinted in deposits from an ancient flood, dried, then covered up with a second layer of mud and preserved for as many as 19,000 years.[Fossils found in African cave are new species of human kin, say scientists] Now, excavated and exposed to the sun, they offer an unprecedented window into an ancient world. " "For people who work in prehistory, it's incredibly rare to get that kind of snapshot in time," she continued.

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