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The atheist has faith that his rational reasoning has removed the possibility of God. Others have faith in their abilities, skills, connections, friends, family and themselves. Peter gives us three reasons that it is important to anchor our faith in Christ. Well look where faith in Christ is kept, in Heaven.

Jesus says that we are to put of treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy or the thief steal.

( Read More )Prayer: Its Force, Its Course, and Its Source by Adrian Rogers Turn to Luke chapter eighteen and verse one. I want us to think on this subject, IT'S FORCE, IT'S COURSE AND IT'S SOURCE.

(I believe that Christians fail more in the prayer life than in any other area and I believe dear friend, I don't have a failure and you don't have a failure in other areas that is not really somehow...( Read More )What Jesus Said about Prayer by Frank Pollard I hope you have your Bible handy.

Jesus resolves to “send out laborers” to minister to the Gentiles, to whom he refers as lost sheep ().

Created by: Knox Smith Twitter: @knoximus_prime Church Name: Savannah Christian Church How it was used: This was used as an opener for our January praise concert.Peter helps us gain some insight into how to live an authentic Christ centered faith in the midst of some difficult times.The question is not if we have faith, every one has faith. Sooner or later the storms of life will begin to blow and then the question becomes will the anchor of faith hold.Grow in your walk with Jesus Christ, be encouraged in your faith, and build your knowledge of the Bible with One Christian radio programs. (18 of 20) by Jerry Vines Evidently the American people believe in prayer.

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An old sea man gave Max the advice to take his boat to deep water, drop four anchors off each corner of the boat, and pray that the anchors held. Peter knows how important faith is and he gives us a great picture of faith, a faith that we can anchor deep with, and a faith which will hold us during the storms of life. In the beginning of the first century church, the government remained unconcerned about this new religious sect.

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