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Microsoft Excel's Auto Fill features help you quickly enter the same value in more than one cell or fill a series of cells with related or sequential values.

You can type "Acme Corporation" in one cell and let Auto Complete enter the entire name after you type "A" in an adjacent cell.

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet component of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Excel lets you use formulas and functions to analyze data in your spreadsheets.

Open Excel 2007 and type the date of first Wednesday in cell A1.

Enter the date in a the following format "8/5/10." In cell A2, enter this formula: "=A1 14." Do not put any spaces in the formula, and start your formula with an equal.

Today, I will introduce you some quick tricks to deal with this problem. Then press F5 key to run this code, and a new sheet with today’s date has been inserted after existing worksheets.

Add a new worksheet with current date by using VBA code Add new worksheets with sequential date by using Kutools for Excel The following VBA code will help you to insert a new worksheet with the current date when you run the code every day.1. See screenshot: Note: When you save and close this workbook, please save it as Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook format by clicking File The above code can help you insert only one worksheet with current day date at a time, if you want to insert multiple worksheets with sequential date, this utility Create Sequence Worksheets of Kutools for Excel will do you a favor. If you have installed Kutools for Excel, please do as follows:1.

When you don't need these convenience features, disable Auto Fill to avoid triggering them accidentally. Locate the Editing Options section on the right side of the dialog box.Uncheck the "Show Paste Options Button When Content Is Pasted" option to turn off the Auto Fill Options button that appears when you drag the fill handle.With this option deactivated, you won't see the Auto Fill Options button that usually appears at the lower right corner of the last cell you fill.See screenshot: To know more about this Create Sequence Worksheets feature.This tutorial demonstrates various ways of entering dates in Excel.

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Right-click on "A" and select "Format Cells." Click on the "Number" tab and select "Date" from the Category list. Click "OK." Notice how your date now reflects the date and "Wednesday" in cell A2.

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