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A Tamers saga that is a remake of Digimon Tamers, throwing into the mix the characters of Digimon Adventure and V-Tamer. ” Tai sighed; gesturing his fingers around to think of an answer. You should know that there are some Digimon that are evil to the bone, and Ice Devimon was your first example.” On the railing, Sora hopped onto it, next to Takato. ” Tai laughed, receiving a light elbow on his arm by Sora. ” “Stupid Tai...” Takato Matsuki: “When the year of Goddramon 2010 dawned, Rika and I were still kids.

Hints at crossovers from Digimon Frontier and Digimon Data Squad as well. She then rubbed her hand around his light brown hair. Somewhere down the line, she and Renamon will forgive each other.” Takato then smiled upon the older woman as she kept rubbing his hair. Still going to school, messing around…doing what kids do. I miss those days..the end of 2010, life has grown so much more complicated, and I now know so much more, and I now know that our lives are going to change hugely.

And there really is alot of evidence of a pairing of the two.

I never really liked Ryo, he just comes out of no-where and I hated how he would flirt with Rika, especially after he had pretty much forgotten who she was the first time he met her again in the Digital World.

**Note: Don't bash me for this; I'm simply stating a mixture of certain facts as well as my own opinions.

Sieben Jahre sind vergangen, seit D-Reaper sich über Shinjuku und die benachbarten Viertel Tokyos ausgebreitet hat und die Tamer sich von ihren Partnern verabschiedet haben.

Sechs Jahre sind vergangen, seitdem sie sich in der digitalen Welt wiedertrafen.

As the darkness threatens to consume Takato and a sadistic monster from the past rises to take his revenge, both the Tamers and the Chosen must call upon every fiber of strength within them... Fanmade e-books of the series made before this error can be found here with some minor edits (The Japanese evolution terms replaced with the English Digivolution terms and all song lyrics removed): book one, book two, book three, book four, book five.

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