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I have even tried a single record without any while loop or if statement and it still does not work. loop: In case the plethora of differently-named file variables indicates that some version of your code tried to open the same file multiple times, reading from one version and writing to another: don't do that, and if you really must do it then flush the file between writing to it and trying to read from it.

cf Ptr = fopen("credit.dat", "rb "); fread(&client, sizeof(struct client Data), 1, cf Ptr); client.balance -= service Charge; fseek(cf Ptr,(Num - 1) * sizeof(struct client Data), SEEK_CUR); fwrite(&client, sizeof(struct client Data), 1, cf Ptr); I will assume that error checking on the function return values is 'not needed'; it should be there, but it will complicate things slightly.

Random files are record-based files with an internal structure that supports "direct access" by record number.

This means that your program can read from or write to a specific record in a random access file, say the 50th record, without reading through the previous 49 records.

Each file-access aspect of the example is discussed separately in the topics listed immediately below.

A record with one field corresponds to any standard type, such as an integer or fixed-length string.Before opening a file for random access, define a type that corresponds to the records the file does or will contain.For example, an Employee Records file could declare a user-defined data type called have a fixed length of 15 characters.For example, the Worker Type defined below creates 19-byte records that consist of three fields: Before your application opens a file for random access, it should declare all variables required to handle data from the file.This includes user-defined types, which correspond to records in the file, as well as standard types for other variables that hold data related to processing a file opened for random access.

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The Access linked table is just a view of the data in Excel.

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