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In his suit, filed in federal court in California, the former host of Comedy Central’s “The Benson Interruption” claims that he formed Four Twenty Partners with DJ Paul, Alex Campbell and another partner to produce the documentary “Super High Me,” which “sought to document the effects of cannabis on Benson by following him through 30 straight days of cannabis-free living, immediately followed by 30 straight days of non-stop use.” The documentary was released in 2008, but the problems began in 2014, when Campbell and Paul planned to release a new documentary, “Super High Me Redux,” consisting of unused footage from the original film. that the Redux would be made with or without Benson’s cooperation.” According to the suit, Benson — named 2006 Stoner of the Year by High Times magazine — objected to the footage being used “as he fears it would injure his reputation, alienate and upset his fans, and potentially cause irreparable harm to his carefully cultivated career.” Benson says that he initiated arbitration on the matter, but Paul and Campbell objected and, in August, Benson discovered that the pair had “purported to assign the copyright in all of the intellectual property the Company owned to defendant Vigorish Productions LLC” — this, despite Benson’s claim that Paul and Campbell’s companies had dissolved Four Twenty in 2011.Benson claims that Paul and Campbell had neither the right to dissolve the company without his consent, or to assign the property after the company had been dissolved, Claiming copyright infringement, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion and other counts, Benson is seeking unspecified damages.] _____________________________________________________________________________ HEY NOW! YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ON PATREON AND GET TONS OF COOL STUFF, INCLUDING SIGNED BOOKS, T-SHIRTS, FREE COACHING SESSIONS AND MORE. If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts. She said that he kept texting her, but nothing came of it. Then he came backstage after one of our shows, and he was a totally normal, confident guy. He would have asked you out sometime in the past six months if he liked you." And I swear she forgot about him two days later.Lindhome: The best advice I ever got was from a guy that was dating Kate.

(If you’re looking for more evidence that Benson’s advocacy for pot is no joke, he makes sure to only follow 420 people on Twitter at all times; if he adds someone, someone else has to go) (for the moment, I’m still safe).

He’s also seeking an injunction preventing Paul, Campbell and Vigorish from using the company’s copyrighted material.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download GO STRAIGHT TO THE PODCAST ON ITUNES GO STRAIGHT TO THE PODCAST ON STITCHER GO STRAIGHT TO THE PODCAST ON SOUNDCLOUD WANT “THE 6 STEPS TO WORKING THROUGH YOUR ISSUES AND BECOMING A BESTSELLER” CHEAT SHEET? Comedian Doug Benson needs no introduction but he’s getting one anyway: the host of the mega popular podcast Doug Loves Movies, he’s also (in no particular order) hosted (live, on TV and in podcast form) the also exceedingly popular Benson Interruption, was a contestant on and sits atop yet another pod, Getting High With Doug. Well, if you’re familiar with Benson you already know this but the dude is a serious marijuana advocate and speaks openly and often about the fact that he’s often high.

It's pretty much a truism that all of my jokes are either written or told while I am high.

Now, I'm not saying a woman has to be a pot smoker for me to go out with her. I used to do a bit about using lines from movies on a dinner date to impress a woman who is not a movie watcher. Is the epithet "dick-skipper" taking off as well as you'd hoped? What's a gentle way to nudge him towards respectability? She might dump you on the spot, but she can't use the "too nice" excuse.

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